Senior Couple Advanced Care Planning.

Advanced Care Planning

Advance care planning can help the people close to you and those caring for you to know what is important to you about the level of healthcare and quality of life you would want if, for some reason, you are unable to participate in the discussions.

Discussing and writing down your wishes for future care will help the person you choose as your substitute decision maker to feel more comfortable about the decisions they make on your behalf.

There are certain things for you to consider regarding your medical treatment and the care you would want. Think about what might happen if you couldn’t make decisions regarding your care for some reason. Do you have views or preferences about your care that you would want known?

Out of the people in your life who are close to you and know you well, consider who you would trust to be able to make decisions for you about the type of healthcare and your quality of life. Think about what they should consider when they are making decisions on your behalf.

More information is available on the Better Health Channel at  You can also discuss this with your doctor but make sure you book a long appointment and if you can, take a family member with you.

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